Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Rajper
Director Admissions


The Shaikh Ayaz University Shikarpur enrolls those students whose educational background is sound and can achieve success in higher education. Admissions are made as per The Shaikh Ayaz University, Shikarpur Act 2018. Applications received every year for admission in various programs are reviewed by the departments concerned. The applicants are required to appear in pre entry test for admission. The final merit is determined on the basis of past academic record and score obtained in the admission test. The test pattern is of the same standard as of Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) for undergraduate programs. Students who have completed all the formalities and have deposited their fees and other dues on the prescribed date are eligible for registration. Each student, admitted on merit, is expected to take full load of courses prescribed for the semester.


  • Online applications facility for admission have also been introduced in this year due to pandemic situation of Covid-19. The candidates are encouraged to fill their application forms through our online application system.
  • Application for admission shall also be entertained on a prescribed form, which is part of the prospectus. Applications received through “courier service’ shall also be entertained only if they are followed by a pay order in the name of The Shaikh Ayaz University, Shikarpur and should reach the university by the last date announced for the admission.
  • Admission shall be granted on the basis of eligibility criteria mentioned for each program and after passing the admission test arranged by the admission committee of the University.
  • Applicants, who have appeared in inter / degree level or pre-requisite level examination prescribed for admission in a program and are awaiting results will be allowed to apply for admission, but they will be given admission only after they have submitted the attested copies of their certificates / degrees within three weeks of commencement of the semester. They will also be required to submit an undertaking that they understand the rules/policy of the admissions and that if they fail to submit the required documents within the prescribed time, their admission shall be cancelled.
  • Each successful applicant will be issued “Admission Letter” by University.

Committee Members

Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Rajper
Director Admissions

Mr. Tanveer Ahmed Muhammadi
Mr. Asadullah Bhatti
Mr. Mir Muhammad Mahar

Commencement: – These Regulations shall come into force with immediate effect.
Application: – These Regulations shall apply to all the candidates/students seeking admission /admitted to University classes in various teaching departments.

Short title: These Regulations shall be called The Shaikh Ayaz University Shikarpur (Admission of students to various classes in the university teaching departments) Regulations 2018.

Definition:- For the purpose of these regulations, the terms used in these Regulations shall have the same meaning as defined in The Shaikh Ayaz University Shikarpur Act, 2018 and the statutes, regulations and rules made there under.


The class attendance requirement, for each student shall be 75 percent in each course to become eligible for appearing in the midterm& Semester Final Test Examinations.


A student who falls short of attendance in any case will not be eligible to appear in Midterm or final test examination. That student’s case shall be examined by the Chairman, on medical ground, if genuine; he/ she will be recommended for restoration of admission to continue education from that semester from where he/ she discontinued education.

1. Internship

The Internship shall be of 6 weeks in public/ private organizations. All the students of Departments of Business Administration, Commerce and Computer Science shall have to submit Internship Certificate from the Organization and comprehensive research report.

2. Comprehensive Viva-Voce Examination

There shall be a Comprehensive Viva-Voce Examination in the last semester of the program. A three-member Examination Committee consisting of senior most teachers of the Department shall conduct the Viva comprehensive examination. The grading shall be ‘Pass’ or ‘Fail’.

Table I showing the eligibility for admission in BS/B.Com/BBA/CS/IT/B.ED Programs offered in the various departments, for the candidates who have passed H.S.C-II in the different groups.


S.No. Department/Institute Pre-Medical Pre-Engineering Commerce Arts DAE
1 Business Administration Eligible Eligible Eligible Eligible Eligible
2 Commerce Eligible Eligible Eligible Eligible Eligible
3 Computer Science­­ Eligible Eligible Not-Eligible Not-Eligible Eligible
4 English Eligible Eligible Eligible Eligible Eligible
5 Information Technology Eligible Eligible Not-Eligible Not-Eligible Eligible
6 Mathematics Not-Eligible Eligible Not-Eligible Not-Eligible Not-Eligible
7 Teacher Education Eligible Eligible Eligible Eligible Eligible


S.No. Department/Institute Bachelor Merit Bachelor                         Self-Finance    
1 Business Administration 50 10    
2 Commerce 50 10    
3 Computer Science 50 10    
4 Information Technology 50 10    
5 English 50 10    
6 Mathematics 50 10    
7 Teacher Education 50 10    


The following seats are reserved in each department:


  1. Two (02) seats for the candidates from AJK/NAS/FATA.
  2. One (01) seat for the candidate on the sports basis.
  3. One (01) seat for the candidates on disabled quota.
  4. Five (05) seats for the candidates from Balochistan Province.
  5. Five (05) seats for the foreign students.
  6. One (01) sat for the sons/daughters of the employees of SAUS.
  7. Two (02) seats for the sons/daughters of the Oversees Pakistanis.
  8. Five (05) seats for the sons/daughters of Armed Forces.