Mr. Muhammad Ali Brohi
Director CDC

Career Development Center

The Career Development Center at Shaikh Ayaz University Shikarpur is dedicated to facilitate on board students, graduating apprentices, alumni and prospective employers in the overall process of self-evaluation, career assessment and job search. Our core services include organizing workshops on different careers, arranging individual career counseling sessions, resume and cover letter reviews, mock interviews, publishing graduate directories, and facilitating our clients in internship and job search strategies. We also offer a wide range of career-related events for Shaikh Ayaz University students and alumni, and have partnered with employers from all sectors looking to recruit from our Shaikh Ayaz University community. Our main focus lies in building long term relationship with corporate, social and public sector organizations within Pakistan and also with international employers.


Our Goal is to help the students find the right job in the right field with the right employer.

Our Mission is to promote Shaikh Ayaz University as a brand, increase the employment and career opportunities of Shaikh Ayaz University graduates, develop strong and tangible linkages between employers and Shaikh Ayaz University graduates and support Shaikh Ayaz University graduating classes in their career development.

Terms of reference for the Career Development Center


Services for the Graduate students: – We assist current and potential graduating students and alumni in the overall process of self-evaluation, career assessment and job search. In this regard, our objective is to connect our graduating students with meaningful career prospects by strategically aligning their academic qualifications with their goals and interest.

Services for under graduating students: – The main function for the on board students to career advice in their professional development.

  1. Career Counseling: – It will help the students of Shaikh Ayaz university to make clear direction regarding the career choice from their respective departments of Shaikh Ayaz University and helping them to make their SWOT analysis and providing advises to that how to convert the Weaknesses into strengths and threats into opportunity in the job Market of Pakistan and rest of the world.
  2. Resume writing: – Developing skills to effectively write resume and covering letter. Understanding Differentiation between Curriculum vita (CV) and resume its layout, fonts. And when to write covering letter that is consist on general and specific covering letter?
  3. Responsible community development initiative: – The Shaikh Ayaz University Students will work with the different NGO for the purpose of serving the community service requirements.
  4. Job hunting: – stay in touch with recruitment drives and the latest job opportunities in the market.
  5. Capacity Building Measures: – Identifying students latent skills while making them self-groomed for the corporate world.
  6. Internships: – Get access to current and up-to-date internship opportunities for the students of Shaikh Ayaz University mandatory summer internship programs.
  7. Mock interview:-  developing skills for the students of Shaikh Ayaz university to understand the interview process this can be done with the help of mock interview in which students will get practical aspect and feedback provided by the trained faculty members and their advises regarding do-s and don’ts for the interview. This will increase their chances of selection in the job.
  8. Industry linkages Series: – the Career development center at Shaikh Ayaz University provide the facility to the students specially maintaining strategic fit between industry and academia while simultaneously working in the dynamic environment . And we will conduct series of lecture programs for corporate connection.

Committee Members

Mr. Muhammad Ali Brohi
Director CDC

Mrs. Shereen Fatima

Mr. Jai Kishan

Mr. Sadam Tewno

All Incharges of the campus Departments