Basic Science & Related Studies

Dr. Ghulam Muhammad Mangnijo


The Department of Basic Sciences and Related Studies was established at Shikarpur Campus in 2012. It teaches optional & compulsory courses and supports various degree programs at Shaikh Ayaz University, Shikarpur.It includes courses of Economics, Islamic Studies/Ethics and Pakistan Studies. Besides it arranges different research and society related seminars and conferences.


Support all departments in their degree programs at Shaikh Ayaz University, Shikarpur. Developing Politico, social, religious maturity and knowledge-based economy through research and quality education.


Providing multi-dimensional knowledge of contemporary issuesto develop tolerant, justice and equality-based society. Provide research environment by organizing seminars and conferences to contribute in economic, social and political development of country. Support students to groom their personality, character and prepare for competitive examinations to be future leaders and bureaucrats to serve our home land.

List of Courses taught by BSRS department in different programs at Shaikh Ayaz University, Shikarpur.

Course Title Program Credit Hours
Micro Economics BBA/BCOM 3
Islamic Studies/Ethics BBA/BCOM/BSCS/BSIT/ENG/ADE 3
Macro Economics BBA/BCOM 3
Development of Economics BBA 3
Pakistan’s Economy BBA/BCOM/MCOM 3
Managerial Economics BCOM 3
International Relations ENG/BBA 3

Basic Sciences & Related Studies

Dr. Ghulam Muhammad Mangnejo

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