Mr. Saqib Wahab Mahar


The prime objective of establishing the Department of Business Administration in the The Shaikh Ayaz University is to inculcate business research and managerial skills and to fulfil demand for proficient corporate managers and entrepreneurs. The Department has been offering four-years Bachelor of Business Administration Program since 2012.


We strive to be a leading business institute by providing quality and excellence in developing strategic skills, managerial capabilities and research competency for producing competent Managers, Executives and Entrepreneurs.


Merit and quality education in area of Business Administration by effective configuration of resources with qualified faculty and Modern Teaching Methodologies.
To develop strength in faculty, academic collaboration with Universities & Institutes.
To promote research, provide consultation facilities to industrial organizations and Community.
To contribute towards building national character and generation and dissemination of knowledge in the best manner.


Bachelor of Business Administration ( 4-Years Program  )

SCHEME OF Bachelor of Business Administration ( 4-Years Program )

Course Code Course title Category Credit hrs
COM101 Freshman English I CR 03
MAN 101 Introduction to Management Core 03
MIS101 IT in Business Core 03
SSC101 International Relations & Contemporary World CR 03
PCS101 Pakistan Studies CR 03
REL101 Islamic Studies CR 03
Course Code Course title Category Credit hrs
COM102 Freshman English II CR 03
LAN101 Arabic/Chinese (Foreign Language) I GR 03
MTH101 Business Mathematics CR 03
SSC102 Human Psychology GR 03
ACC101 Financial Accounting I Core 03
ECO101 Microeconomics CR 03
Course Code Course title Category Credit hrs
COM201 Oral Communication CR 03
MTH201 Business Statistics CR 03
ECO201 Macro Economics Core 03
SSC201 Environmental Sciences/General History GR 03
HRM201 Introduction to Human Resource Management Core 03
SSC202 Sociology GR 03
Course Code Course title Category Credit hrs
COM207 Business Communication CR 03
MKT201 Principles of Marketing Core 03
LAN201 Arabic/Chinese (Foreign Language) II GR 03
ACC201 Financial Accounting II Core 03
ECO202 Economy of Pakistan GR 03
FIN201 Business Finance Core 03
Course Code Course title Category Credit hrs
ACC301 Cost Accounting Elective 03
MKT301 Marketing Management Core 03
SSC301 Logic GR 03
FIN301 Financial Management Core 03
LAW301 Business Law Core 03
Specialization I 03
Course Code Course title Category Credit hrs
SSC302 Business Ethics GR 03
MAN301 Organizational Behaviour Elective 03
MKT302 Consumer Behaviour Elective 03
MIS301 Management Information System Core 03
FIN302 Financial Institutions & Market Elective 03
Specialization II 03
Course Code Course title Category Credit hrs
MTH401 Quantitative Techniques & Analysis Core 03
MKT401 Business Research & Report Writing Core 03
MAN401 Operations Management Core 03
ENT401 Entrepreneurship Elective 03
Specialization III 03
Course Code Course title Category Credit hrs
Project/ Two elective courses 06
MAN402 Business Policy Core 03
MAN403 International Business Management Elective 03
Specialization IV 03

CR-Compulsory Requirement
GR-General Requirement


1. Finance (FIN) Specialization

Course Code Course title
FIN501 International Financial Management
FIN502 Security Analysis
FIN503 Money and Capital Market
FIN504 Financial Statement and Analysis
FIN505 Treasury & Funds Management
FIN506 Corporate Finance
FIN507 Portfolio & Investment Management
FIN508 Project Evaluation
FIN509 Investment Banking
FIN510 Banks Management
FIN511 Risk Management
FIN512 Hotel Financing & Budgeting
FIN513 International Banking
FIN514 Problem in Capital Investment Planning
FIN515 Islamic Banking & Finance

2. Marketing (MGT) Specialization

MKT501 Marketing Research
MKT502 Export Marketing
MKT503 Advertising
MKT504 International Marketing
MKT505 Personal Selling
MKT506 Brand Management
MKT507 Logistic Management
MKT508 Industrial Marketing
MKT509 Services Marketing
MKT510 Marketing Ethics
MKT511 Marketing of Financial Services


Internship is mandatory for students in summer at the end of third year. After completion of the internship, all students are required to submit a report.

Faculty Members

Saqib Wahab Mahar
Assistant Professor

Parkash Lal
Assistant Professor
M.Phil. Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur

Muhammad Ali Brohi
M.Phil. Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur

Jai Kishan
M.Phil. Iqra University Karachi