Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Rajper


The Department of Commerce, The Shaikh Ayaz University, Shikarpur was established in the year of 2012, the then it was affiliated as campus of Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur for fulfilling the utmost demands of residents of District Shikarpur and its far flung areas.
At present, the Department offers BS 4-Years and M.Com 2-Years Program in the areas of Finance, Management and Marketing. The Department is fully equipped with latest teaching aids and offers stimulating learning environment. Variety of methods are used in the Department to make students easily understand lectures, likewise Case studies, Research Projects, Internship reports, Class participation, Field trips and Company visits.
The vast treasure of books on Accounting, Finance, Management, and Marketing is available for ready reference for the students.
Along with formal education, the Department also arranges Seminars, Workshops, competitions, Lecture Programs and different curricular and co-curricular activities to enhance the knowledge, skills and abilities of the students.
The Department also facilitates students by arranging 6-8 weeks internship program in various organizations across the country with purpose to provide them practical knowledge and working experience.
We invite you to take advantage of this great opportunity in Commerce Department. Come to explore your hidden talent, develop new skills and build a foundation for your bright future.


Promote merit, pursuance of academic excellence, foundation of excellent leadership, professional competency, personal and interpersonal skills, create intellectuals, researchers to acquire knowledge and ease to social life.


We aim to provide a welcoming, creative and supportive environment and balanced infrastructure for quality education to meet the demands of 21st Century.


BS (Commerce) ( 4-Years )
M.Com ( 2-Years )


Course No# Course Title Credit Hours
1.1 Islamic Studies/Ethics 3
1.2 Functional English 3
1.3 Introduction to Business 3
1.4 Principles of Accounting 3
1.5 Micro Economics 3
1.6 Business Mathematics 3
  Total 18
Course No# Course Title Credit Hours
2.1 Pakistan Studies 3
2.2 Technical Writing and Presentation Skills 3
2.3 Computer Applications in Business 3
2.4 Financial Accounting-II 3
2.5 Macro Economics 3
2.6 Business Statistics 3
  Total 18
Course No# Course Title Credit Hours
3.1 Business Law 3
3.2 Cost Accounting 3
3.3 Advanced Accounting-I 3
3.4 Economic Issues of Pakistan 3
3.5 Information Technology in Business 3
  Total 15
Course No# Course Title Credit Hours
4.1 Money & Banking 3
4.2 Business Communication 3
4.3 Business Taxation 3
4.4 Advanced Accounting-II 3
4.5 Principles of Auditing 3
  Total 15
Course No# Course Title Credit Hours
5.1 Business Research Methods 3
5.2 Managerial Economics 3
5.3 Financial Management 3
5.4 Principles of Marketing 3
5.5 Principles of Management 3
5.6 Internship in summer vacations 3
  Total 18
Course No# Course Title Credit Hours
6.1 Logic and Critical Thinking 3
6.2 E-commerce / Computerized Accounting 3
6.3 Inferential Statistics 3
6.4 Managerial Accounting 3
6.5 Entrepreneurship and SMEs Management 3
6.6 Introduction to Business Finance 3
  Total 18
Course No# Course Title Credit Hours
7.1 Business Ethics and CSR 3
7.2 Introduction to Psychology and Organization Behavior 3
7.3 Leadership and Community Development 3
7.4 Elective-I: 3
7.5 Elective-II: 3
  Total 15
Course No# Course Title Credit Hours
8.1 Corporate Governance 3
8.2 Corporate Laws and Secretarial Practices 3
8.3 Strategic Management 3
8.4 Human Resource Management 3
8.5 Elective-I: 3
8.6 Research Project and Viva Voce (3+3) 6
  Total 21

Commerce Elective: Field of Specialization

1. Finance

Course No# Course Title
FIN International Financial Management
FIN Security, Stock & Investment Analysis
FIN Money and Capital Market
FIN Financial Statement and Analysis
FIN Treasury & Funds Management
FIN Portfolio & Investment Management
FIN Risk Management
FIN International Banking
FIN Hotel Financing & Budgeting
FIN Investment Banking
FIN Islamic Banking & Finance
FIN Corporate Finance

2. Management (MGT)

Course No# Course Title
MGT Change Management
MGT Knowledge Management
MGT Leadership & Motivation Techniques
MGT Crises Management
MGT Comparative Management
MGT NGO’s Management
MGT Management of Multinational Corporations
MGT Project Management
MGT Leadership in Organization
MGT Organization Theory & Change Management
MGT Environment Management
MGT Supply Chain Management

3. Marketing (MKT)

Course No# Course Title
MKT Logistic Management
MKT Industrial Marketing
MKT Services Marketing
MKT Marketing Ethics
MKT Marketing Research
MKT Export Marketing
MKT Strategic Marketing Management
MKT International Marketing
MKT Personal Selling
MKT Brand Management
MKT Marketing of Financial Services
MKT Advertising

Note: The specialization shall be offered on the availability of the Faculty.

Faculty Members

Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Rajper
PhD. (Pak)
Assistant Professor