Mr. Tanveer Ahmed Muhammadi


Department of English Language & Literature was established in January 2014 when the university was known as Shikarpur Campus, SALU. Its launching in that year is only preceded by three departments, viz., Commerce, Business Administration and Computer Science.

The establishment of the department was the rise of an abundant opportunity for the English linguistics and literature aspirants from the Shikarpur region. This was, especially, a life line in the educational career for the regional students who couldn’t afford higher studies in English subject at other universities for economic constraints, less seats or distance hurdles. Hence such candidates, mainly females of the region, have this department of English language and literature qualitative, closer and cost effective.

The classes of the department are well furnished, spacious and have proper light and air ventilation. The competitive and committed faculty, truly educative ecology, state of the art facilities, video and audio learning, ever increasing treasure of books on English subject in the library contribute to the competitiveness of the degree programs. The Department is always keen to provide community service by involving its students in various campaigns of awareness. We have many other social activities which help our students become multidimensional, energetic, judicious, responsible, and constructive and truly educated citizens.

The department is offering BS (four –year) program in English literature and linguistics .There is same syllabus for both English literature and linguistics until the students reach the final year. Therein the students join the specialization class viz; linguistics or literature. The overall syllabus encompasses the old and modern dynamics of English language and literature.


To be a trusted center of professional height, contributing to the society dynamic, progressive, creative, intellectual, responsible and constructive individuals working towards coexistence, aesthetic development of minds, and strengthening well adorned values in the society.


To involve students in the in-depth studies of world-famous works of English literature and the inner mechanism and development of English language through modern methods of teaching supported by technological tools and facilities; thereby, awaking a sense of research, discovery, creativity, comparative cultural differences, other than a general outcome of enhanced literary sensibilities; hence, to create a lot of professionals for the language and literature needs of the country equipped with the skills they acquire at the department.


1. B.S ( Four-Years ) ( Linguistics & Literature )


Course No# Course Title Credit Hours
ENG-201 English-I: Language in Use 3
ENG-202 Introduction to Literature-I: History of English Literature 3
ENG-203 Introduction to linguistics-I 3
ENG-204 Pakistan Studies 2
ENG-205 Computer/International Relations/Psychology 3
ENG-206 Study Skills 3
  Total 17
Course No# Course Title Credit Hours
ENG-256 English –ii (Academic Reading and Writing)   3
ENG-257 Introduction to Literature II: Poetry & Drama 3
ENG-258 Introduction to linguistics-II:  Morphology & Syntax-I 3
ENG-259 Islamiat 2
ENG-260 Computer/International Relations/Psychology 3
  Total 14
Course No# Course Title Credit Hours
ENG-311 English-III: Communication Skills 3
ENG-312 Introduction to literature-III: Fiction 3
ENG-313 Introduction to Linguistics-III:  Phonetics and Phonology 3
ENG-314 Everyday Science 3
ENG-215 Sociology/Geography/Philosophy/Psychology 3
  Total 15
Course No# Course Title Credit Hours
ENG-365 Advanced Academic Reading &Writing III 3
ENG-366 Citizenship Education and Human Rights 3
ENG-367 Introduction to literature-IV: Prose 3
ENG-368 Introduction to linguistics –IV: The Structure of English 3
ENG-369 Geography/Philosophy/Psychology 3
  Total 15
Course No# Course Title Credit Hours
ENG-419 Visionary discourse 3
ENG-420 Literary Criticism –I 3
ENG-421 Poetry (14th to 18thCentury) 3
ENG-422 Novel (18th to 19thCentury) 3
ENG-423 Psycholinguistics 3
ENG-424 Sociolinguistics 3
  Total 18
Course No# Course Title Credit Hours
ENG-474 Classics in Drama 3
ENG-475 Literary Criticism –ii 3
ENG-476 Lexical Studies and Semantics 3
ENG-477 Discourse Analysis 3
ENG-478 Major Literary Movements 3
ENG-479 Pakistani Literature in English OR Text Analysis 3
  Total 18
Course No# Course Title Credit Hours
ENG-529 Romantic poetry 3
ENG-530 American Literature -1(Novel and Poetry) 3
ENG-531 Translation Theory and Literary Studies 3
ENG-533 South Asian Literature 3
ENG-534 Introduction To Research Methodology 3
  Total 18
Course No# Course Title Credit Hours
ENG-586 Pedagogical Grammar 3
ENG-587 Pragmatics 3
ENG-588 Translation Studies 3
ENG-589 Language, Culture and Identity 3
ENG-590 Introduction to Research Methodology 3
  Total 18
Credit Hours
Course No# Course Title
ENG-640 Modern Novel 3
ENG-641 Modern Poetry 3
ENG-643 Teaching of Literature 3
ENG-644 Literary Stylistics OR Research Project in Literature 3
ENG-645 Comprehensive viva-voce 3
  Total 18
ENG-695 Syllabus Designing and Testing 3
ENG-696 Stylistics 3
ENG-697 Genre Analysis 3
ENG-698 TESOL-II    OR   Issues in Applied Linguistics 3
ENG-699 English for Specific Purposes OR  Second Language Acquisition (SLA) OR Research Project in Applied Linguistics 3
ENG-700 Comprehensive viva-voce 3
  Total 18

Masters in English (Literature) Program

ENG-750 Study Skills 3
ENG-751 History of English Literature 3
ENG-752 Romantic Poetry(at least 4 Poets) 3
ENG-753 Classical Poetry (at least 4 Poets) 3
ENG-754 Prose 3
ENG-755 Drama 3
  Total 18
ENG-805 History of English Literature 3
ENG-806 Drama 3
ENG-807 Romantic Poetry(at least 4 Poets) 3
ENG-808 Classical Poetry(at least 4 Poets) 3
ENG-809 Prose 3
ENG-810 Intro: to Linguistics 3
  Total 18
ENG-861 Literary Criticism 3
ENG-562 English Language Teaching (ELT) 3
ENG-863 World Literature 3
ENG-864 Fiction 3
ENG-865 Translation Studies 3
ENG-866 Introduction to Research Methodology 3
  Total 18
ENG-915 Literary Criticism 3
ENG-916 English Language Teaching (ELT) 3
ENG-917 World Literature 3
ENG-918 Fiction 3
ENG-919 Pakistani Literature in English 3
ENG-920 Comprehensive VIVA VOCE 3
  Total 18

Faculty Members

Mr. Tanveer Ahmed Muhammadi
MS (Pak)
Incharge Chairman/Lecturer

Mr.Mehboob Ali Golo

Mr. Ishfaque Ali Kalhoro
M.Phil (PAK)