Transport Facilities:

Transport facility is available; the Sindh Government has provided three buses for the students & faculty of Shaikh Ayaz University. Two buses ply within Shikarpur city while third one from Sukkur to the Shaikh Ayaz University Shikarpur for both, faculty and students.

Transport Routes:

1 – One Hino Bus ply Sukkur-Shikarpur route ( For Staff male and female students )
2 – Two Hino Busses and a coaster ply within city for students

Library and Information Center:

The Library and Information Center are reserved for the students/faculty; the current additions of text books of related disciplines are available. Besides it, the general reading material includes Research Journals, Newspapers and Magazines are also accessible to the students in the library. Internet connectivity is also available for students and faculty who can have access to Digital Library of Higher Education Commission. The library contains more than 10000 books. Online library system has also been introduced in the Campus.

Computer Labs:

The Campus has two Laboratories accommodating 100 computers, multimedia, internet facilities, I.T section control, Video Conference room and VoIP telephone facilities on internet.

Medical First Aid:

Emergency is dealt with Medical First Aid.

Scholarships & Financial Support


  • Quaid-i-Azam Scholarship: Every year the Ministry of Education, Government of Pakistan through the Higher Education Commission, awards one Quaid-i-Azam Scholarship for higher studies abroad, Students securing first and second positions in the University Examinations are eligible to compete for the Scholarship.


  • Merit Scholarships: The merit scholarships are awarded every year for higher studies abroad by the Minister of Education, Govt. Of Pakistan through the Higher Education Commission. Students securing first and second positions in the Faculties of Arts and Science in the Master’s Program are entitled to compete for it.


  • Zila Council Scholarship: The Zila Councils in Sindh Province offer a number of Scholarships to the deserving University students on the basis of merit.


  • Mora Scholarship:The Mora scholarships are awarded by the Chairman Zakkat Committee of every District to the deserving students.
  • United Memonn Jamat Scholarship: The Scholarships to be awarded to the deserving Students of Shikarpur Campus, Shah Abdul Latif University on merit basis by United Memon Jamat of Karachi.
  • Scholarship (LU Biscuits): The Scholarships from LU Biscuits are awarded by Nawabzada Hassan Ali Khan to the deserving students.


  • JICA: The JICA Scholarships are awarded by the Higher Education Commission, Islamabad to the deserving students, (Japan need-based scholarship)
  • HMB (Haji Mola Bux) Trust Scholarship: The Scholarships to be awarded to the deserving Students of Shaikh Ayaz University Shikarpur on Poverty cum merit basis by HMB Trust, Shikarpur


Well-equipped/decorated Cafeteria facility along with photocopying machine is available in the Campus; the Café provides healthy and hygienic food items and has a separate portion for girls and the boys.

Campus Ecology:

Shikarpur is located in a region where mercury touches 520 Celsius in summer and the nights are quite freezing in winter. The “Campus Infrastructure” is designed aesthetically beautiful, friendly environment and having creative well located ecological features. The building of Rock fall and changing gray grounds into green beds was the creative imagination. Therefore, the Campus Ecology is designed to provide clean, environmentally comfortable, natural & aesthetic environment for the students as well.