History of The Shaikh Ayaz University

The Shaikh Ayaz University, formerly Shikarpur Campus of Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur, came into being with the December 12 notification of Government of Sindh to this effect. The University is named after widely known poet of Sindh Shaikh Ayaz who belonged to Shikarpur city. The students and the faculty and all other staff welcomed the decision wholeheartedly and have praised the local political leadership and provincial government over this step. However, the new status requires more attention and material help from the Sindh Government to maintain its previous glory and acquire new levels of success.

Shikarpur Campus was established in 2011 and Prof. Dr. G. Raza Bhatti was appointed as the founder Pro Vice Chancellor. He gave Campus a tremendous start by making it the hub of higher learning. He gave the barren land of the Campus a fertile bed and initiated the Campuspeak as the mouthpiece of activities and progress happening at the Campus. After him Prof. Dr. Lutfullah Mangi took over the Charge as the Director first and later on as the Pro Vice Chancellor. Dr. Mangi initiated new departments, i.e., English Language and Literature, Education and Mathematics, in the Campus to the already existing departments of Business, Computer Science and Commerce. His office also initiated Master’s program English and Commerce. It was also decided and implemented to shift to Midterm examination system than Hourlys for better examination system. Later, Prof Dr. Abdul Razzaque Mahar joined the Campus as Director. He energized the Campus not only with academic activities but also initiated a wave of business fairs and sports events which garnered media attention as well as much support and ownership for the Campus.

The success of Shikarpur Campus in disseminating higher education to the students of the region had clearly raised sense of ownership and further development of the Campus into University. Therefore, the former Shikarpur Campus now duly stands as The Shaikh Ayaz University. With its establishment, Dr. Nisar Ahmed Siddiqui was given the additional charge of the newly built University in addition to his office of Vice Chancellor IBA Sukkur. Soon after, the founder PVC of Shikarpur Campus, Prof. Dr. G. Raza Bhatti, is recalled to lead once again the Campus now The Shaikh Ayaz University. With each new year, the passing batches of the University (former SALU Campus) are occupying robust places in their field of specialization and proving their professional worth and evidencing the quality of higher education got at the University. The socio economic and cultural impact of the University has been very promisingly transforming the region which is otherwise stuck in many social, cultural and institutional crises.
The Shaikh Ayaz University stands for bringing back the past socio-economic, cultural and educational glory of Shikarpur apart from its other aims of achieving higher standards in research, human and intellectual development. To attain these aims The Shaikh Ayaz University stands committed, not forgetting that greater part of its committed role depends on Sindh Government.

The Land for the Shikarpur University has been acquired measuring (54-11) acres is located close to the city of the Shikarpur on main Bypass of Shikarpur to Jacobabad.

The present Scheme is proposed for construction of Academic blocks, Bachelor hostels for male and female teachers, internal development and boundary wall.