Procedure to Apply For Admission

  1. Application for admission shall be submitted by the eligible candidate, on the prescribed application form (or through Online application system) with required undertakings.
  2. In case of foreign candidates, the recommendation and undertaking on the prescribed preforms for the admission and the guarantee for the payment of fees and good behavior should come from the concerned Embassy/High Commission/Consulate General.
  3. The duly filled-in application forms in all respects will be received by the designated branches of Habib Bank
  4. Every student is required to submit an undertaking on a non-judicial stamp paper of Rs.10/= duly attested by a Deputy District Officer (Revenue) along with admission form.

Seats on Self-finance

The number of seats in each teaching department, as mentioned in the allocation of seats, is reserved on self-finance. The candidate who could not seek admission on the allocated merit seats can apply on the self-finance basis. The eligibility condition will remain same as defined. In case the application forms received are more than the allocated number of seats, merit will be observed accordingly.