Interfaith Harmony Centre

Mr. Bakhtiar Ahmed Kubar
Focal Person


In 2019, The Shaikh Ayaz University, Shikarpur, took a significant step towards fostering interfaith harmony by establishing the Interfaith Harmony Center. This laudable initiative was brought to fruition through the unwavering commitment and leadership of the Honorable Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. G. Raza Bhatti. The establishment of the center was closely aligned with the overarching vision set forth by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, which emphasizes the importance of sustainable development and collaborative educational practices. It also harmoniously resonated with the university’s core goal of striving for educational excellence and distinction.
Under the guidance of Prof. Dr. G. Raza Bhatti, the Interfaith Harmony Center emerged as a dynamic platform dedicated to nurturing understanding, dialogue, and mutual respect among individuals from diverse religious backgrounds. This center served as a beacon of hope, striving to bridge gaps and build connections within the university community and beyond. By promoting open discussions, organizing interfaith events, and encouraging scholarly pursuits into the rich tapestry of various faiths, the center aimed to cultivate a culture of unity and cooperation.
The establishment of the Interfaith Harmony Center marked a progressive step towards creating an environment where differences are celebrated, and commonalities are embraced. This initiative not only reflected the values of the university but also contributed to the broader societal goal of promoting peace, harmony, and coexistence among people of different faiths. Through its visionary leadership and alignment with national educational ideals, the university demonstrated its commitment to fostering an inclusive and harmonious society.


Our vision is to realize a world of peace and tranquility, achieved through the promotion of interfaith harmony. We aspire to create an environment where diverse faiths coexist harmoniously, serving as the foundation for sustainable development, progress, and prosperity. Furthermore, we are dedicated to cultivating a modern, enlightened, and progressive society that will thrive and evolve over time, shaping a brighter and more inclusive future for all.


The Interfaith Harmony Centre aims to achieve its ultimate goals through the following activities:
Actively engaging students and civil society in promoting interfaith harmony. Through these focused efforts, the Centre strives to foster understanding, cooperation, and unity among various faiths, contributing to a world marked by peaceful coexistence and mutual respect.
Committee Members:
Mr. Bakhtiar Ahmed Kubar
Assistant Professor, Focal Person
Mr. Parkash Lal
Assistant Professor
Mrs. Shereen Fatima
Mr. Muhammad Ali Shaikh