The Shaikh Ayaz University upholds the values based on collective growth and happiness, peace, integrity, transparency, fairness, collaboration, and success and has the following mission in line with its pronounced vision:
• To provide the competitive educational facilities and resources in man and machines.

• Enabling the students to Link the acquired knowledge with the society around for critical and humanely insight through research activities.

• Providing the best professionals, in technology, businesses, natural sciences, social sciences, humanities and other areas of knowledge to strengthen institutions and help society with best services along with impacting for refined aesthetic and intellectual leanings best on acquired knowledge.

• Strengthening a sense of ownership among all alumni of the institution for its valued existence and improvement.

• Providing an educationally friendly environment on the Campus

• Providing a healthy, supportive and collaborative atmosphere to all students and staff.

• To ensure environmentally friendly practices and green ecology on the Campus.

• To study and collect data on the local languages, literature, financial networks, interaction of man versus technology, heritage, art and other areas of activities related with our established departments as to bring them into national and international streamline as a human subject of interest, improvement, connection and future guide.


The Shaikh Ayaz University stands for discovery of new knowledge and dissemination and curation of the same through its academia for progressive growth of society, individually, intellectually, aesthetically and humanely, able to decide, dialogue and act with enlightenment, and capable to use it for the common good and peace, prosperity, safety, humanely values, unity in cultural diversity, art, heritage, technology, invention, innovation, personal well-being and all areas of knowledge and activity to sustain and offer better version of life based on best knowledge for themselves and the coming generations.