Ubaidullah alias Kashif
Director ( ORIC ) 

Email: oric@saus.edu.pk
Email: kashif.dayo@saus.edu.pk
Cell: +923342912112


Present era of science and information technology, research is plying pivotal role to bring change for meeting the updated requirements of the society and the world community. To keep updated knowledge in the field of research, under the umbrella of Prof.Dr. Raza Bhatti, Vice Chancellor of the Sheikh. Ayaz University, an Office of Research, Innovation & Commercialization (ORIC) was established in this Campus to facilitate and support students and the faculty staff regarding uplifting research activities going on inland and abroad. So that updated information carried out in research market to be communicated to both the students and the faculty staff in due course of time.


To enable and lead students and faculty staff for transformation of updated innovative research based knowledge at globalization.


  • To Develop, expend, enhance and manage the university research programs and to link research activities directly to the educational, social and economic priorities of the University.
  • The ORIC is also responsible for assuring that the quality of research reflects the highest international standards and advances the Stature of the University

Committee Members

Mr. Muhammad Aslam Soomro