Mr. Muhammad Ali Shaikh
Controller of Examinations

The examination system evaluates the students’ degree of learning and assimilation. Therefore, it determines the progress made by students. This, in return, tells the students’ suitability and excellence in a particular field of knowledge.  The Office of Controller of Examination is highly motivated in rendering examination services by keeping up the quality and standards required for such a task.  The staff meticulously helps various departments conduct the examinations and help the results take various forms of University degree documents.

The office of the controller examination has the following responsibilities:

To conduct and monitor the departmental examinations with the help of the departmental examination committee.
To prepare and announce in advance the calendar of examination;
To arrange for printing of questions;
To conduct oral and written Comprehensive Examination for all semesters;
To arrange for timely declaration and publication of results;
Keeping record of the stationary and other examination material;
To prevent unfair means during examination;
Calculation of Grade Points/Letter Grade/Cumulative Grade Point Average;
To address students’ complaints/appeals regarding grade awards;
To issue the computerized result cards (Detailed Marks Sheet) at the end of each semester;
To issue the distinction certificates and award of degree;