Scholarships & Financial Aid

Dr. GM Mangnejo


The university admits a large number of students, majority belonging to rural and disadvantaged poor families, realizing that education has become very costly and it is very difficult for them to pursue their education due to financial constraints. The university has taken initiative for providing financial relief to the meritorious and deprived students with the financial assistances/need based scholarship programs. In this regard The Shaikh Ayaz University, Shikarprur has established the “Financial Aid Office” (FAO), providing access to the quality education through Need-based and Merit-based Scholarships. To enable and lead students and faculty staff for transformation of updated innovative research based knowledge at globalization.



All scholarships/Financial Aid Cases are routed through Financial Aid Office (FAO). A centralized record of all students getting any Financial Aid is kept in the Financial Aid Office.
At the moment, the Financial Aid Office covers the following Scholarships/ financial assistance offered by:
1. HEC Need-Based Scholarship
2. Quaid-i-Azam Scholarship
3. Merit Scholarship
4. Zila Council Scholarship
5. Mora Scholarship
6. Professional Education Foundation Scholarship
7. United Memon Jamat Scholarship
8. Scholarship (Lu Biscuits)
9. JICA (Japan need-based scholarship).
10. HMB (Haji Mola Bux Trust Scholarship).