Student Affairs Office

Mr. Aslam Soomro
Students Advisor


Provision of students’ proper guidance and services facilities help them for the solution of the problem faced to them in areas seeking admission in market oriented, financial aid, food services, health centers, hosteling, study training and workshops etc. The student’s affairs section is functioning in this campus since 2018. This Centre is working hard for the welfare of students for the solution of their day- to- day problems. This section also facilitates students for their visits to all over the country.


Engagement and active participation of students in productive and result oriented academic and social activities


The mission of the Directorate of Students Affairs is to maintain discipline on the campus and enhance the quality of life for students both in and out of the classroom.
Committee Members:
Muhammad Aslam Soomro
Students Advisor
Shereen Fatima Bhatti
Sajid Hakro