Vice Chancellor Message

Prof. Dr. G Raza Bhatti
Vice Chancellor
The Shaikh Ayaz University, Shikarpur

Dear members of the esteemed Shikarpur community,

I extend my heartfelt congratulations to the remarkable people of Shikarpur on the momentous occasion of the establishment of The Shaikh Ayaz University. As the wise Chinese philosophers once stated, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Today, we embark on this journey together, uniting our aspirations and efforts towards a brighter future.
I am deeply honored to be the part of this significant milestone, having witnessed the inception of this university as its founding Pro-Vice Chancellor, and now taking the helm as the Vice Chancellor. Throughout this journey, I must commend the unwavering dedication of my distinguished successors who have played an integral role in realizing the dream of elevating this campus to an independent and thriving institution.
The evolution of the higher education landscape in Pakistan, marked by the transformation of the University Grants Commission into the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan in 2002, has been truly remarkable. From a modest 52 Degree Awarding Institutes with a 2.6 percent enrollment in 2002, we now stand with over 200 public and private institutions, boasting a gross enrollment of over 9.0 percent, with 16.72 percent representing the universities of Sindh. A testament to the growth of education in our nation, where over 30 percent of teaching faculty hold PhD degrees.
In alignment with the demand for accessible, quality higher education in Sindh province, the government of Sindh has laid the foundation for several priority universities, aiming to establish leading centers of learning that meet regional and international standards. The birth of The Shaikh Ayaz University, Shikarpur, stands as a testament to this commitment, offering higher education opportunities to the youth of this upper Sindh region.
Education, as a fundamental right, holds the key to empowerment and progress. Universities, as engines of innovation, produce skilled individuals who drive socio-economic development. In the face of modern challenges, our ability to improve lives, sustain our environment, and foster growth hinges upon our investment in education. I firmly believe that by equipping our youth with innovative skills aligned with the rapid advancements of the 21st century, we empower them to face global challenges with confidence.
In this digital age, our world has become a global village interconnected by technology, rendering geographical boundaries virtually irrelevant. The Fourth Industrial Revolution has ushered in transformative technologies that redefine traditional norms. Yet, our education systems have yet to fully embrace these changes. Our students, referred to as “Digital Natives,” possess an innate familiarity with technology, which should be mirrored in our pedagogical approaches. To bridge this gap, we must adopt interactive teaching methods that leverage digital tools and hands-on experiences to stimulate inquiry-based learning.
Reflecting on the economic successes of the Four Asian Tigers, we recognize the pivotal role education plays in driving growth and development. Despite limited natural resources, their investment in education propelled them to global prominence. The economic destiny of Pakistan, and indeed The Shaikh Ayaz University, hinges upon our ability to nurture our youth. I envision this university as a beacon of knowledge, fostering critical thinking, technical prowess, and social responsibility among our students.
Shikarpur, once known as the “Paris of Sindh,” has a rich legacy, with education standing as its shining hallmark. Today, The Shaikh Ayaz University rekindles the flame of hope, breathing new life into the city’s storied heritage. As an institution, universities are at the forefront of knowledge propagation and generation. Our graduates emerge as intellectual, moral, and cultural leaders, transforming communities and driving economic progress.
For a city like Shikarpur, education holds the key to a promising future. The Shaikh Ayaz University paves the way for both men and women to seize opportunities and carve their destinies. As we cater to the demands of our youth bulge, it is imperative that we equip them with modern skills and knowledge. Our university stands resolute in its commitment to provide cutting-edge pedagogies that empower our students for success.
On behalf of the university management and faculty, I extend my best wishes for your academic journey. With determination, dedication, and perseverance, may you embark on a path of fruitful learning and accomplishment.
Warm regards,