Kashmir Solidarity Day celebrated at SAUS

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Kashmir Solidarity Day Celebrated at SAUS

Kashmir solidarity day was celebrated at The Shaikh Ayaz University, Shikarpur on Friday, 5 TH February 2021. A rally was taken over from the Bhagat Kanwar Auditorium in the leadership of Vice Chancellor Prof: Dr. G. Raza Bhatti. Large number of employees, Officers, students and faculty members participated in rally. During the rally participants chanted loud slogans; KASHMIR BNEGA PAKISTAN & KASHMIR WANTS RIGHT TO SELF DETERMINATION, with zeal and spirit. The rally ended at Vice Chancellor secretariat. Mr. Bakhtiar Ahmed Kubar, Assistant Professor, Pakistan Studies made a short speech, in which he shed light on background and developments on Kashmir issue. Speaking to rally he said Kashmir issue is unfinished agenda of partition plan 1947. He said according to both characteristics; will of people and geographical adjustment, Kashmir should have been part of Pakistan. Unfortunately violating partition plan Jammu and Kashmir was forcefully occupied by Indian forces. Quoting the facts he said despite many binding resolutions passed by United Nations Security Council, particularly on 5th January 1949, which guarantees Kashmiris right of self-determination are not implemented. In last he paid rich tribute to Kashmiris for their un-ending, determinant and courageous struggle despite many sacrifices.
Addressing the rally Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. G. Raza Bhatti said it is high time for every conscious and world organizations as well as all nations to take notice of Indian forces atrocities, extra judicial killings, rape and forceful disappearance in the Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir. He said to participants, imagine if anyone can live without basic necessities but our Kashmiris brothers and sisters are locked down and put under curfew for more than one year. He emphasized that world community should arbitrate to solve this issue according to United Nations resolutions. He said right of self-determination is fundamental right of Kashmiris; we Pakistani stand shoulder to shoulder with Kashmiris in their struggle for right of self-determination
In last QULL and Daua was offered for brave and courageous Kashmiris, who have sacrificed their lives for Nobel cause.