The Digital Library Awareness Workshop: A Step Towards Digital Literacy

On 17th November 2023, the Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) organised a Digital Library Awareness Workshop to raise awareness about digital library resources. The workshop was open to all university faculty members, and it aimed to educate them about the benefits of digital libraries and how to access them.
The workshop was led by Mr Iftikhr Shah – a former assistant director (Documentation) at, the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Islamabad. Mr Iftikhar Shah provided participants with comprehensive information about the various digital resources available through “The National Digital Library Program (NDLP)”, the HEC Journal Recognition System (HJRS), the Mendeley Reference Management tool and research journals.
The participants were encouraged to ask questions and share their experiences with digital libraries. To make the training session more interactive and keep participants involved, the trainer divided faulty members into groups to present their understanding of the session. The groups presented on the H-index, HJRS ranking system, Impact factor and demonstration of the digital library for finding relevant resources.
The Digital Library Awareness Workshop provided an excellent opportunity for the faculty members to learn about the benefits of digital libraries, and how to access and utilise digital resources. The workshop ended with a note of thanks to the trainer by the director of ORIC and the Registrar. As a token of appreciation, the worthy vice-chancellor Prof. Dr. G.Raza Bhatti presented the trainer with a shield.